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Earlier, I was with 2 friends from the Music Ministry, for our third episode of our online light discussions about life and everything under the sun. Our nicknames all start with the letter B, and to make it a bit more meaningful, especially to other people, we named our show “Blessed Before Brunch.” Basically because we are live from 9:30am PHT onwards.

We are also putting it live in my Facebook page, as we wait for any go signal from our heads to broadcast it elsewhere. Although, we can still continue doing so for as long as there is a quarantine.

Now, somehow, there was this thought in my head that was saying this, Blessed Before Brunch, is a bit self-serving. Like, it made me feel guilty that I was putting it live in my page because it doesn’t have a lot of likers and followers. But then, I also somehow justified that, how will I be able to reach other people, declare God’s love to them, if I don’t open myself to opportunities other than writing blogs and creating instagram content? How will I be able to interact with them, if I’m posting something that waits for their reaction, not their interaction?


So, not that the guilt was entirely gone, but at least it was justified that I had to do something new. Instead of me just putting myself out there and waiting for people to react, I should maximize my reach and use all means available to get God’s message across more people.

I guess, with this post, I am asking your help to spread the news. I hope there would be more God-guided gals and guys out there, so more people will believe in God’s love. 🙂

Thank you all! 🙂

— God-guided gal


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