LOVED Everyday
You Are LOVED Everyday.
During one of those moments that I spent with the Lord, reflecting on His love, reflecting on His Word, and how He manifested in everything that surrounds me, I had this sort of inspiration from a picture I took. I don’t remember where and when it was taken. But it was lovely.
I couldn’t tell if the photo was taken during sunrise or sunset. But I knew it was the horizon, and I was at a certain height, like there were trees below me. And when I saw this picture, it was a greeting of love, showcasing God’s magnificence.
I’m hoping this was the sunrise, because this would have been a wonderful start of the day.
So, I am beginning another series of posts (and hoping to be consistent with it as well) entitled “Loved Everyday,” chronicling the different instances where God has showed His love everyday, from the time we wake up, and until we sleep.
If you have a testimony of God’s love, please feel free to comment or send me a message. I would love to hear your stories. 🙂
– God-guided Gal

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