Live In God’s Generosity

Disclaimer: This was posted in the Feast Bulletin last Aug. 15, 2020.


Last week, our one big message is “You are a factory of miracles.

As a factory, we are not provided the finished product. Rather, God provides the raw materials, which are in the form of provisions, talents, and other gifts. We process and use these raw materials to become miracles for ourselves and for others.


We all live in God’s generosity. We simply need to use the lens of gratitude and see the abundance around us, to realize that there is already a steady flow of gifts, of guidance, and blessings from God. We have enough to produce and deliver miracles. Guided by the passage from Matthew 7:7-11, we are given 3 tips on living in His generosity and make miracles out of it:

  1. Picture The Right Portrait – God is generous. God is Our Father. Jesus showed us this portrait of God, and this is how we should also see Him. We are His children, and He provides for what His children needs. We need to trust in His generosity.
  2. Persist with the right purpose – Because God is generous, we can pray to Him not just once. We can be persistent and P-U-S-H – Pray Until Something Happens.
  3. Pray in the right practice – It is not enough that we ask, but we also need to seek and knock. We need to be in active prayer and have prayerful actions. We need to produce the miracles, not only pray for them.

Friends, God wants us to pray with the heart of Jesus. He wants us to love like Jesus. My prayer is that, while we trust and live in God’s generosity, we also produce and deliver miracles by being generous to others. All in Jesus’ name.


What do you think?