First Day of Failing

We all have our New Year’s Resolutions right? So, for me, as the title already gave away, I failed on my first day. Or should I say, I found another way in trying and it didn’t work. I said that 2021 should be a better year for me, in terms...Read more
A Lesson From Bread

A Lesson From Bread

Yes, this time, I felt the Lord speak to me through stale, old bread. Okay, so here’s what I usually do. I buy a big loaf of bread. When I do that, I check the “expiry” date, and make sure that it would last us about a week. 3 lang...Read more

My Plant Story

I’m definitely no #Plantita, but I’m just feeling a little proud of this accomplishment. Hahaha! Guys, don’t expect, snake plants lang pinatubo ko at napadami ko. Initially, I got 6 potted plants from my mom: a fortune plant, a money tree, 2 snake plants and 2 of those with pink...Read more