(originally posted in my Facebook page)

Someday, when my daughter is at an age that she can already understand, I will tell her my story…

That I felt insecure even when I was still in kindergarten, and I grew up always feeling insecure about myself…


That I was bullied in highschool (by my entire class), and I began to be fearful about relationships I built over time…

That I felt I was never good enough, and I deserved to be treated like crap, by a former boss, by a person I trusted and thought was my best friend, and by someone I thought I was gonna spend the rest of my life with.

And that all of that changed when I sought my value in God’s eyes… That I am loved, I am blessed, I am enough, and I am important.

That even if there are times that the past comes in to haunt me, I am reminded of how God’s love manifested through my parents, my husband, my daughter, and through the people that stayed with me through thick and thin.

And that someday, if ever she feels any of these, I will always be here to listen to her, to be in her world, to try to understand her thoughts and feelings. And to love her and everything about her.


What do you think?