Let God Guide your Vote

It’s the Election day today in the Philippines, for Senators and Local Government Officials. This is just to remind you to VOTE WISELY!

I hope Filipinos pray for whom to vote today. May you not be swayed by popular opinion nor sugar-coated promises, but pray about who can serve more people better. Pray for whom you believe is an instrument by God to help people that really needs help.

May God guide your casting of votes. And believe that those who gain positions after the election is over, God will use them mightily.


And as a citizen, and resident of The Philippines, support the winners. Support their good causes, and not highlight whatever mistakes they may have done in the past (if you’re considering someone who have had unpopular impressions with other people). Let’s not sour grape if those we voted didn’t win. But trust more that God has a purpose in everything.

God bless you all!


What do you think?