Just Say The Word

Disclaimer: This was posted in the Feast Bulletin, Sept. 20, 2020


After His sermon in the Mount, Jesus put His words into practice. Our key passage, taken from Matthew 8:5-13, was about Jesus meeting a Centurion along the road, the latter asking for the miracle of healing for his servant from the former. In this passage, Jesus preached again as He practiced these three lessons from previous chapters:

  1. He was again preaching, “Love your enemies

Because of the enmity between Jews and Romans, the fact that Jesus responded to the Centurion’s plea for healing was a showcase of love for thy enemy. He showed that dealing with your enemies doesn’t have to be about revenge, but about radical love.

  1. He was again preaching, “Do not judge others

Jesus recognized and commended the faith of the Centurion, who relied only on Jesus’ saying words of healing to heal a servant that was far away. Jesus wasn’t quick to judge the Centurion for being a pagan like the other Romans; what He saw was faith on His word being fulfilled.

  1. He was again preaching, “Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord…

Faith is not just expressed in words, but in actions, particularly in obedience. It is said that not everyone who calls Him Lord can enter the kingdom of God, but those who follow Jesus and love like Him can.

By the power of His word, we are all invited to experience the miracles of Christ. All we need to do is to surrender to Him, and let Him “Just say the Word” for His will to be done unto our lives. With surrender, we are called to love our enemies, to not judge others, and to follow Him and obey.


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