Jamming During Traffic Jams

I met up with a friend this afternoon, at a mall that was roughly 15 kilometers away from our house. And because of the current construction of the Skyway, traffic jams at the expressway was a norm.

Before entering the expressway, my daughter fell asleep on her car seat. I took the opportunity to listen to praise music, therefore diamissing her Disney tunes. It was a hot afternoon, and as I have mentioned, there was the usual traffic jam, so I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of hot headed and impatient drivers complaining about it.

But I made the conscious effort not to be part of that statistic. 😊


As I made my way onto the traffic, I admit, I had to switch lanes about two times before settling for the 3rd lane from the traffic barrier (2nd from the shoulder). My daily mix on Spotify featured worship songs that I’ve used when I co-lead, and most were familiar, so I found myself jamming through the traffic jam!

The song was “Endless Praise” by Planetshakers, and as that was playing, and I was driving, I realized that a traffic jam was an opportunity to give God praise…

Instead of complaining about traffic jams, messy transportations, and inconsiderate drivers…

Why not use the time to praise the Lord?

That you have a car to drive and the work so you can pay for gas, toll, and parking?

That you have a job that you are hurrying up to, unlike others who are still looking for jobs?

That you can drive because you have both legs, and you are healthy?

That you may be sitting comfortably in a bus, and can sleep in a car because someone else can drive for you?

So many things to be thankful for, and thus making God so worthy of our endless praise despite the inconvenience, despite the discomfort, despite the tiring effort.

I guess next time you encounter a traffic jam, just remind yourself that God loves you very much. He would never use something to irritate you, bring you discomfort, on purpose. But He would always use it for a purpose. 😊


What do you think?