It’s Okay To Cry

My daughter, by accident, got some soap into her eyes while taking a bath. As I was still scrubbing the rest f her body, with still soapy hands, I couldn’t get the dipper and splash water down her face right away.

But here’s what I told her: you can cry, baby. The water from your eyes will wash the soap out. She tried to cry a lot. I guess it was a bit easier when she felt that sharp pain of soap in her eyes. Then when I saw that she had tears, a moment latet she said, “I’m okay na.”

That one simple moment from a seemingly routinary task spoke to me, as if God did. And I guess this is also His message to anyone out there who needs it.


It’s okay to cry…

If you’re hurt, if you’re in pain, it’s okay to cry.

If you’re angry, or being resentful, it’s okay to cry.

If you’ve just failed, and finding it hard to accept defeat, it’s okay to cry.

If you felt rejected, and that you were made to believe you didn’t deserve anything, it’s okay to cry.

If dreams felt too hard to achieve, and you feel like no one is around to help you, it’s okay to cry.

If the one you loved the most left you when you needed them the most, or when you’ve already given your all, and still they left, it’s okay to cry..

For every thing that brought you suffering, regrets, pain, failure, and everything else that made you feel you are in the worst times and moments in your life, it’s okay to cry..

It is okay to cry it out. Doesn’t matter how long, doesn’t matter if you cry an ugly cry. Cry if you must.

And just as how my daughter realized that the pain was gone after she let her tears wash away the soap, the pain will be gone.

Your troubles won’t be gone right away. You’d sometimes still feel the pain while crying. Heck, perhaps even crying is a suffering in itself for you. But just believe that God has listened to your cries, and He was hurt also with you in your agonies.

The pain will be gone before you can even realize it. The suffering became a sustenance for harder battles in life. And when you hold on to God for dear life, your tears will fuel your desires. It will fuel your drive.

And before you know it, you’re trying again. You’re loving again. You’re healing again. You’re starting everything all over again.

And then, the next time you cry, it’ll be for realizing that if you haven’t gone through what you’ve been through, you wouldn’t have survived. You wouldn’t have thrived.

He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed, Shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.”
Psalms 126:6 | GNT


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