Is Spider Man the next Ironman?

I just watched “Spider Man: Far From Home” and I’m actually hoping not to include any spoilers from the movie. Perhaps as a fan of the MCU, after Avengers: Endgame, this just got me asking, “Is Spider Man going to be the next Ironman?”

Courtesy of YouTube

I haven’t read the comic books, and I just watched all the movies (and re-watching them), so I’m not a super fan. But when I asked this, it was with other follow up questions. Because when the Spider Man character was introduced during Captain America Civil War, he was a teenager, and even until Avengers: Endgame, he was still in highschool.


What really got me thinking is how a teenager can do that? A young superhero who’s experience in crime fighting never left his neighborhood?, like stopping thieves and crooks? Who’s had a hand in saving the world because of Ironman? And with his mentor gone, who’s gonna guide him?

And what about his other problems? Like, surviving highschool? I heard that it’s quite different nowadays. Or going out with girls? And all the adulting problems? Getting a job? Getting married? Having kids? Paying bills?

If those are some of the life problems that Peter Parker still need to face, how can he be qualified to take over what Tony Stark left behind? I’m pretty sure, if this was handed over to Spider Man, if the responsibility was given to him, he would be very afraid. He would be overwhelmed.

He would probably ask the same questions. He would even think that he’s not qualified. He would look at his experiences and what he wanted to do in life. He might even doubt himself and in what he can do, that that would be coupled with fear that his life would never be normal. That even if he just wanted to be the regular kid, that opportunity to help and save someone would always call him, and it’s his duty to answer.

But then, if we were trusted to do such thing, then maybe we are meant for greater things. That, yes, we do start small, start from a small neighborhood, start from doing little things, that eventually the small stuff would be easier, and they would develop into something a little more difficult, and even that would also become easy. Then difficult, then easy. Before you know it, we’ve changed. We’ve grown.

In life, we go through a lot of stages. We are given responsibilities that at first, we may not even know how to begin with, or even believe that we can do them. But with that responsibility given, there is also trust that we would do everything we can within our power, within our abilities, without losing ourselves in the process, but more on developing ourselves and how we see ourselves in that same process.

So is Spider Man the next Ironman? I don’t think so…

But he started young, so I’m pretty sure he would be a great Spider Man someday. Like, he might lead the new generation of Avengers. (Note: I wouldn’t really know unless MCU develops that. As I’ve said, I’m not a comic book fan.) And he may even outdo Ironman. Don’t you think? 😊


What do you think?