I Want To Be A Reader
It’s a fact that an adult’s comprehension is super different with that of a child. But I would believe that sometimes, kids are more mature than adults.
I have written an old blog about dreaming deep instead of dreaming big. It was about a time when we asked Sofie what she wants to be when she grows up. She would tell us that she wants to be a happy helper.
Lately, her answer is “I want to be a reader.”
Now, being a factual and literal adult, we would take it as someone who reads. Reads books. Reads stories. Because that’s what we usually do with her.
Then, I got into a realization: letters and words aren’t the only ones you need to look at and read. When you read, you also see pictures. Pictures that depict animated objects or real life. Pictures revealing different emotions. Pictures of different habits.
Pictures of people, places, things, food… The list would go on.
Even without the pictures, reading takes you to a lot of different places. You tend to imagine different scenes. You can visualize anything.
I believe that when my daughter says that she wants to be a reader, it meant that she wants to be an interpreter of whatever she sees, composes it in her mind, and then read them aloud for people to hear, and visualize for themselves.
Pwede namang natapos na siya dun sa composing it in her mind, and instead of reading it aloud, she would paint her interpretation, or write it down.
The reader can be a painter, a writer, even an actor. As long as there is a story to tell. Wherever her imagination takes her.
When she grows up more, and I get to ask her the question on what type of problems she wants to solve, I would love her to relate her answer to her answer today.
Perhaps the problems leading to miscommunication, misinterpretation, and misunderstandings. The problem arising from just looking at the big picture instead of the details, and vice versa. The solutions needed for making sound decisions.
Errr… Pwede na siguro yung maging Data Scientist, no?
Parang yan kasi frustration ko ngayon… Pero, no… Wag ipasa sa anak ang frustrations, okay?
Happy Sunday! Ang haba nanaman nito. Ahehe! God bless everyone!

What do you think?