I Dreamt Of An Ex

Most of you might react agad upon reading the title. Some might have judged me already. “Diba, you’re married with a kid na? Tapos you still dreamed about an ex?”

Dapat pala ang title ko was, “An Ex was in a dream.”

See, he was in my dream. He was just there, nakita ko lang, andun siya, pero he did not have any participation on what my dream was about. I had like a lunch-out or afternoon meetup with a couple of random ladies (composed of friends, acquaintances and people I’ve only met thru FB groups). Details were blurry na as the day goes. Hehehe!


Okay, so let me probably tell you about this ex. [Btw, I haven’t told my husband about my dream, but will give him details later. At least the ones I still remember. Hehehe!]

We were together 12 years ago, before I even met my husband. Back then, I thought “He was the one.” When we broke up, he removed me as a friend in Facebook, and we haven’t had any contact since. But I’m still FB friends with his mom, an older brother, and his sister.

Anyway, I was not in any relationship after that. But there were times that I referred to him as “The One That Got Away.” My TOTGA. I had a few “dates” while I was single, but the best one I had was in March 2010. The first time I attended the Feast in Festival Mall.

Long story short, it was in the Feast that I got to truly know the Lord, and got to meet my husband, “The One That God Appointed” for me.

So why was an ex in a dream? Because he was “The One That God Allowed.”
(Or dapat “The One Who God Allowed.” WHO dapat, hindi THAT, kasi refers to a person.. Anyway….)

God allowed me to experience the kind of love that breaks me apart, so that God can show me the kind of love that heals and makes new and whole. He allowed me to meet someone who loves with conditions, so He could show me the kind that does not have any. He allowed me to experience a love that makes me need to choose, so I would know the kind of love that I just need to bask in, because it’s free from any direction.

Whenever an ex is in a dream, I guess it just shows me “what might have been,” but it doesn’t really make me regret anything. Lessons come in people and relationships, too! So people come and go, relationships begin and [some] end. But we always have with us lessons to take away.

My Ex (es…) were proof that love never really goes sour. It can only get sweeter and better. But, with another person. Hihi!

My failed relationships allowed me to experience dealing with different people, eventually making me more flexible, understanding, caring, loving, and patient.

My past relationships, in short, allowed me to develop myself as a person, because that time in between my relationship with my ex and with my now husband, I believe I was being set apart by God. The 2 years that I wasn’t in a relationship did not make me focus on looking for the right one, but on making ME the right person for someone.

So are you in a God-centered relationship now, but the past seems to “haunt” you in your dreams? Perhaps it’s just God reminding you that what you have right now wouldn’t be possible if you weren’t hurt or haunted by the person you failed in a relationship with.

Are you single now, and are reminded of good times with your ex in your dreams? Brace yourself because God will definitely allow someone to “outdo” what you had with an ex.

How about having dreams about an ex who was abusive, whether emotionally or physically? Oh, I can only imagine how God will make bawi. Broken and bruised? I bet you’ll become “Blessed and Better.”

Dreams, at least those we have when we’re asleep, don’t always come true. It doesn’t really matter who are in them. What matters is who you create dreams with while you’re awake, and then making them come true together. 

God loves you!
God bless! 


What do you think?