Holy Spirit
Natawa lang po ako at natuwa kaya isheshare ko lang po. Parang ang lakas lang din po kasi ng anointing ng holy spirit sa anak namin. I guess I was amused that the Spirit within her is very strong.
I was asking her to read from a piece of paper. One of the words was “Shoulders,” but it was a long word, and I thought it was still a bit beyond her comprehension.
So I tapped her shoulders, to give her a clue, kumbaga.
Then she said, “Holy Spirit?”
Sorry guys, natawa talaga ako… kasi nga naman pag nagsa-sign of the cross, sa shoulders nga naman yung part ng Holy Spirit. Oh di ba?
But what was amazing was how she associated something as simple as her shoulders to the Holy Spirit.
I have to admit, we’re not a very prayerful family. More often than not, we miss out praying at night. But we carry out conversations, even small talks with God on a daily basis.
But I always believe that how ever she is now, she’s very much anointed to do anything. And everytime we are able to pray together, it’s always to ask that she be bestowed a special anointing as she grows up.
Okay, pasensya napo medyo parang hindi well put together itong sinulat ko. (Antok lang siguro.) Sana po narelate din dun po sa verse na nakuha ko, from 1 John 2:27.
Basta nakakatuwa lang, and we’re always in awe at how God is working in her.
God bless and good night po sa inyong lahat!
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