So this is officially my first entry in my new website. For those who have already followed my blog, thank you in advance for following this one. For those who have just stumbled upon this site, welcome! Feel free to browse, although for now, it’s still new and has so many blank spaces.

Anyway, I initially started this blog because I believe that God wanted to maximize my purpose in this world through my writing. I’m no professional writer. I have limited copywriting experience. But what I can write about includes over three decades of experience. That is, the experience of being a child of God.


It is with much audacity that I start this website without much content, because in a way, I want us all to journey together. As I gather my thoughts and pour my heart over every space and letter and sentence, I would like to know more of what God wants to say through me, and hopefully you’ll take it as His message for your life, in whatever aspect it may be.

It was not by accident that God brought you to this website. He has a purpose why He made you go through this first post. I don’t know what that is, only He does. But I’m really hoping the reason will be meaningful for you and me.

God bless you abundantly! Thank you for reading through. And I hope that as we journey through this blog, we all learn, and we all be blessed.


What do you think?