This is just a simple greeting for all the Fathers out there. I pray you would all be blessed today.

We honor fathers today, for loving us the best way you can. Sometimes we may not understand your expressions of love, but we know you do.

Unlike mothers, fathers have an unconventional way to express love. They’re really not into warm hugs and “I love you”-s, but I know you really do love your kids. You love them by providing for them, for supporting them, protecting them.


And so, we love you back! You are manifestations of Fatherhood here on Earth, coming from our Ultimate and Almighty Father.

If your father still lives today, hug him, kiss him, and express your love for him, even if it’s unexpected.

If your father no longer lives on this earth, delight in the fact that he watches over you wherever he is… 😊

God bless you all! Again, Happy Father’s day! Most especially to my dad, my husband, and my father-in-law.


What do you think?