Happy (Belated) Birthday My Love

I want to dedicate this post to the person whom God gave me to love, my husband, who’s age has left the calendar. Despedida de Calendaryo. Hihihi!

My husband is proof that love is not only showcased but more so felt. I guess he’s a bit lucky that I’m not really into material gifts but more on experiences, and so is he (except if that’s a really nice watch or pair of shoes, or a reliable gadget).

He somehow proved to me that I deserved that love that only a partner can give for the rest of their lives. Even if I felt that I’m a hard person to love. And he proved to me even more that God really loves me because He sent this man to be with me.


Yeah, I’m not so used to making cheesy and giddy essays and lines for my husband for everyone to see. We’ve already gone to that phase where we exchange notes everyday. But, when I get to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve already said everything that he really needs to hear. And perhaps most of you do not really know how it is to be married to him.

Yes, he’s at times impatient, and you can never win and end a debate with him (no winners in debating, right? Just a lot of valid arguments.. ) He’s very much passionate about politics and sports, and now, his Ragnarok game (even my daughter knows this!! And she’s not even three!!)

But he sure knows how to be a very good husband and a very good dad. He truly tries his best and gives his all to provide for us, and we’ve lived within our means and a little comfortably because of his hard work. I am a happy wife not only because we have and live a happy life, but because we have a healthy life, and we definitely honor the lives we’ve been lent by serving the life-giver, God.

I know it’s a week too late, but even if it’s no longer your birthday, I always hope and pray that I can help make it happy everyday.


What do you think?