Good, Better, Best

This is an audio recording of my blog entitled “Good First, Better Next, Best Finale!”

I wrote this blog more than a decade ago, before I even met my husband. During that time, I think I was still hung over my second boyfriend. But of course, God knew better.

It took more than two years after that before my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I became a couple. Though I sometimes think that those 2 years weren’t enough to develop me as a future Mrs. Right (?) and make me enjoy my single-hood, without the pressure of being in a romantic relationship, I think that is just how God writes our life story and love story: there’s just a lot of plot twists that makes every chapter so interesting! God knows what’s best.


Anyway, I am sharing this again because I believe that there is so much more to just waiting for the right person to come. As someone who has been single for a while before finally getting married, I believe that if being in a relationship and having our own families are dreams we have in our hearts, God is going to grant them, no matter what. I believe that those dreams, God put them there, so that we lovingly ask Him for them every time.


What do you think?