God Surprises The Unprepared

Last Friday, we had a practice for the Music Ministry. When we were done, we just pointed at one of our sisters-in-Christ that she lead the closing prayer. I somehow felt that she got totally nervous and told me that she wasn’t prepared, but when she started praying, I knew God used her effectively.

Then I had this realization, that sometimes, God takes us by surprise. We are unprepared for whatever He has planned for us. And because we are unprepared, we become more open to His direction. Despite being unprepared, we are ready and waiting to receive His instructions.

So sometimes, it is good to be unprepared. It is okay to be caught by surprise. Because those are times when we are truly vulnerable and dependent of Him doing most of the work. We become merely instruments, we become tools. And we know that when God uses us, He will equip us, He will anoint us, and He will bless us.


What do you think?