God Is Linked To Our Dreams

I was writing a description to another previous blog, and I also wrote there that God put the dreams in our hearts. Then, I somehow had this “Aha!” moment while writing it. I realized that because God put the dreams inside of our hearts, it is our direct link to Him. He is linked to those dreams. See, when we have those dreams in our hearts, we will ask God to grant them. See the link?

Okay, so it’s like this. When we were young, or perhaps little ones today would relate: sometimes, parents would promise us something that we would receive when we do something good. Like, a reward when we finish our chores, or a gift for a special occasion. I’m seeing this in my daughter now, like her birthday’s still about 3 months away, and she’s been bugging us with an Elsa-themed party (I have mentioned that she likes Elsa from Frozen, right?)

Anyway, since she has watched Frozen at least a dozen times, and Frozen 2 twice in the cinema, a dream was formed in her heart that she would like to dress up like Elsa on her birthday, have an Elsa design on her birthday cake, with all those things that she even saw on “Frozen Fever.” She would also go to us whenever she remembers it, and it’s like reminding us, her parents, that those are what she wants for her birthday.


And so, that led me to the realization, that it must be how our dreams work. Because God has put them in our hearts, perhaps we saw a friend realizing goals, or we’ve seen it in movies and that it may happen in real life, or perhaps, we even had a glimpse of it in our own lives at one time.

And when we realize that we want it for ourselves, or we want it realized again, we ask God for them. We pray to Him. We tell Him our dreams, and we ask Him that He grants them.

There’s the link. Did I make sense?

God put the dream in our heart. We ask Him for the dream to be granted. God grants the dream. We thank Him for it. Then God puts another dream (or perhaps He puts in a lot, but only grants one by one, depending on how much and how often we ask of it). We pray for it again. He grants another one. We are grateful. It’s an endless link! Just remember to be grateful to keep the link, okay?

God loves you.


What do you think?