I believe that God is always working. Like, if we are to measure how much time He uses to accomplish everything that He wanted done to our lives, it’s literally 24/7. I don’t think He even sleeps, right?

Anyway, I was again tasked as a co-Worship Leader earlier. To be honest, I was a bit rattled when the preacher/builder requested to include a new song in our line up, last Wednesday. The thing is, my co-WL and I have already discussed about what our line up would be and posted it the week before, and when discussed with our Musical Director, he agreed to the worship direction… Until we had to change one song.

As I was driving on my way to our practice venue, it was as if, all of a sudden, God finally had time out of His busy schedule to explain to me why there was a change. I had told Him that I was rattled, that somehow I felt it was a disruption in a routine, and I somehow could not understand why I was feeling bad about it. Then He somehow gave me “materials” to be able to share His message to me at the time, to the people on Sunday.


Coming from the song “Waymaker” by Leeland, the Chorus goes:
“You are Way maker, Miracle Worker
Promise-keeper, Light in the Darkness
My God, that is who You are….”

And the Bridge:
“Even when I don’t see it, You’re working,
Even when I don’t feel it, You’re working,
You never stop, You never stop working…”

Reflecting on these lyrics, I was airing out some disappointments and confusion, like I wanted to be really honest during worship, and tell God that sometimes, I really don’t understand His ways. That I sometimes don’t see the miracle, but only how impossible something is. That I sometimes don’t believe that He kept His promises to me because I was hurting, in pain, and feeling so much like a failure.

And then after I was done saying those things while I was driving, I just cried, and then God somehow gave me assurances…

That even if I am confused, He is always making a way for me, in anything and in every aspect of my life. That His miracles are always on making impossible things so possible. And that when I look at where I am in my life, how I am now, and who I am now, that everything about my life now represent His promises that He kept. He has never stopped working on my life, in my life, and through my life. Everyday I wake up is a miracle, and a promise kept. Every moment I have with my family is a miracle and a promise kept. Every breath is a miracle and a promise kept.

And then He reminded me of one of the most popular verses in the Bible, Romans 8:28:

Because whenever I’m confused, it’s for something good, and with a purpose for the Lord. When I am in pain or disappointed, it’s going to be for something good, and definitely with a purpose.

God is always working on something. And He is always working on something good. Because He is good, and everything about Him is definitely and perfectly good.


What do you think?