God Hears Your Sighs

Searching Google for the meaning of “sigh” as a noun, and here is what I got: “a long, deep, audible exhalation expressing sadness, relief, tiredness, or a similar feeling.”

God hears your sighs…

God knows when you are sad, when you are tired, when you are feeling low. God knows that. He hears it when you sigh, when you cry. And when He hears and feels it, He understands. He understands how you are because He made who you are.


Perhaps you would ask, “If He knows what I’m feeling, if He knows what I’m going through, why isn’t He doing something about it?”

Know this. One can only do something about something when it’s in their hands. When they can control it. When they have their hands on it. Like, you can only drive a car when you’re behind the wheel.

Same thing with God. He’s the best in everything. He can make the impossible possible. But He needs you to give it to Him. He needs you to ask Him to do it for you. He wants you to trust Him that He knows what’s best, for you.

God hears your sighs, and He would love to do something about it.

The question is, would you give it to Him? Would you surrender them to Him?


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