God Heals the Broken

God heals the broken. God heals what is broken in you. It may be a broken heart. It may be a broken spirit. Whatever it is that is broken in you, He will heal it.

You can always try to heal yourself. To put the pieces back together. But then, when they don’t stick together, it can get really frustrating. The once broken and mendable pieces gets shattered, into smaller pieces. Into pieces that’s harder to put back together.

Sometimes, it starts with a little crack. But because it’s little, you just let it be. You sometimes ignore it even, because you think, it’s just a small crack. And then, when you ignore it, you tend to forget it.


You’ll only remember that crack when something hurts again. Then you check the crack, it’s bigger than before. How would you treat it now? Do you attend to it? Give it a temporary remedy?

Just the same when your heart or your spirit gets broken. Do you seek temporary comfort? Do you seek an instant remedy? Do you not evaluate first how bad it is, to know how to mend it? Or do you ignore it, until it gets worse and hurts much more?

How about this… When something inside you gets broken… Your heart broke when a relationship ended. Your spirit broke when a plan failed or a goal has become too impossible to attain? Do you seek temporary comfort? Do you try to ignore or forget the pain? Do you wallow in your tears, and drown in sorrow?

Or do you seek healing? Do you go back to your Creator, not just to mend what’s broken, but to totally renew it? Would you allow the glue of love to stick you into wholeness with God?

Let God heal what is broken in you. Whoever’s fault it is, however damaged it has become, just let Him heal it. Let Him renew it. It would still hurt, though. It might leave a scar. But when the healing is in His hands, the brokenness becomes a vessel for His purpose.

It’s a purposeful hurt. Hindsight will tell you that. He would make that tremendous grace of healing into something you’d be totally grateful for. Because if you didn’t know what pain is and how painful it can ever be, you wouldn’t know How wonderful healing feels.  You wouldn’t know how transforming His love is.

Just believe what the word says: “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Ps 147:3

He shall comfort you. He shall bind you up with love. The pain you may never forget. But He will use that to heal you and heal other people in the process.



What do you think?