God Bless Our Country

I am from the Philippines, and I love my country. I am Pro-Philippines.

I think one of the reasons that I have not [seriously] considered [just yet] migrating to another country is because I still and always believe there is hope. A lot of people may disagree with me, especially if you look at those holding positions in the government (and those that would be added to the list). I may have had a hand in some of these people.

But the thing is, they may represent the country in terms of dealing with other countries, but they don’t necessarily represent the PEOPLE in the country. Statistical data may show the composition of the people in the country (gender, religion, dialects spoken, birth order, profession, etc), but it does not show the HEART of the PEOPLE in the country.


A lot of us wanted CHANGE. A lot of us try to MAKE that CHANGE in our own, little, or even different ways. A lot of us ACCEPT the kind of CHANGE that is possible, given the circumstances.

The point of all this: as VOTERS, we have tried our best to be part of the solution to a country who has been viewed to have a lot of problems. Everyone has had their own reasons why they voted some people, and did not vote the others. A lot of us had the resources to research on the credentials of each candidate. Perhaps a lot of us have definitely asked God for guidance on who to vote and not vote.

So please, as we update ourselves on the results of the elections, let us not judge those who voted differently. Those who believed differently. Those who hoped differently. Those who fought differently.

Let us all respect each other. After all, we all love the Philippines, and the best way to love our country is to love the One who made it, and everything and everyone that is in it.


What do you think?