From Small To Significant

Ever since I got engaged, then married, I have been fascinated looking at engagement and wedding rings of those who have gone before me, and those who have done so after me.

What I would usually look for is which ring finger they actually place the rings. Or if they wear both, which goes into the finger first, the wedding band or the engagement ring. I remember having a validation of getting it right when I saw one of our servant leaders wearing the wedding band before the engagement ring, which is how I wear mine.

And then, perhaps there’s this inner comparison of who’s got the bigger rock or the thicker band, and stuff. If it’s studded (more than one rock), if it reflects white or rainbow colors. ‘Cause I read somewhere that real diamonds reflect white, while those that reflect rainbow colors came from what we call in Filipino “Puwet ng Baso”, literally translated to Glass Bottom, but is an informal term for cubic zirconium.


Which leads me to why I started writing this blog entry in the first place…

See, while attending the Feast, I saw this lady, perhaps in her sixties, who was seated in front of me beside her husband (I think). I wasn’t deliberately looking at her rings (which seemed to resemble an engagement ring with the wedding ring on top). I thought to myself, “She had a small rock on that finger.”

Then, I got to glance over her bag, placed on the seat next to her. It was a Coach. I knew that somehow, if that were an authentic designer bag, it would’ve cost a lot. And that got me thinking.. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve had something small to begin with. What matters really is what you would do with it to make it significantly big.

Now, the thing is, I’m a person who doesn’t really care about brands. I know that sometimes brands translate to quality, and definitely high prices. Being that I am a practical mom, I look at items (for example, shoes) not based on the brand, but based on how they’re assembled, the materials used, how to maintain to hopefully use it for years to come, and other practicality factors. But this isn’t really related to my point

Seeing that woman, her ring, and her bag (then after chatting with her that she has a 3-year old grandson, then having her husband beside her) kinda made me realize and teach me something about starting out small and growing to be significant.

Okay, so the ring and the bag were only triggers.. Here’s my point.

It doesn’t really matter how big or small you had to start with. What matters is how much time, effort, commitment, and love you had to put into it. Eventually, the amount, or the possessions you accumulate, would not really matter unless you can associate it to a milestone, a memory, or even a legacy.

This woman actually showed this to me. Those rings she had (seeing the small stone, too), and the man sitting beside her, proved that to me. I don’t know how long they’ve been married, or how old her bag is. But that showed me hard work, persistence, and patience. You need these three in keeping marriages, in accumulating and growing your possessions, in growing from small to significant.

I am turning 36 in 3 months, and I guess I have a long way to go. I don’t have a really big stud on my rings, but I know that when I look back to how my husband and I started our journey to forever, I would be very very thankful to our humble beginnings. Our marriage is barely 4 years old, and now we have a 3-year old bringer of joy. We now have our own family compact car, and living in our own place for almost a year now. What we have are small seeds of love planted in our hearts. The same seeds plus seeds of faith in our daughter. Small monthly investments for our future, for emergencies, for travel (to the Holy Land perhaps), for education. All small now, with hope and prayers they become significant someday.

Though your beginning was insignificant, Yet your end will increase greatly.
Job 8:7 | NASB


What do you think?