We all have our New Year’s Resolutions right? So, for me, as the title already gave away, I failed on my first day.
Or should I say, I found another way in trying and it didn’t work.
I said that 2021 should be a better year for me, in terms of my health. One of my resolutions was to start getting fit and active again. I even bought new running shoes so that I could start jogging.
But today, because I slept at around 3am, even if I woke up at around 8:30, I got to sleep again in the living room, I think around 10, and woke up around lunch.
I nursed a headache around the afternoon, that while doing some online work, I couldn’t help but put myself to sleep. I slept before 7pm and woke up at around 10pm. Still with a headache. Not a good thing to start getting active right?
But then, I thought of it this way. Not that I’m making excuses for not being able to exercise. See, my goal is to be healthy. Part of it is exercising. But also part of it was getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and eating on time, the latter 2 I failed to do also.
So did I fail in my New Year’s Resolution? I failed in one way, but it means that I can do something else to replace it, right? Bsta the end goal is the same.
How about you? I guess most of you were excited about fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions, no? Basta keep this in mind: there are lots of ways to fulfill your resolutions. Don’t be stuck with the details. Have your end goal always in mind. The resolution is to always work on it, and work towards it.
God bless you all! Salamat po ulit sa pagbasa ng blab ko. 🙂
[Disclaimer: this was originally posted in my Facebook Page last January 1, 2021. How’s your first 2 months of 2021 so far?]

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