Dream Deep: Be A Happy Helper

“I want to be a happy helper.”

There was this promotion in Disney Junior, where they asked kids to ask their parents to take their video saying, “When I grow up, I want to be…” and then fill the rest of the sentence. The tv ad showed clips from kids with their answers, ranging from wanting to be a pilot, an architect, and up to even Thor!

The ad/promo was run around August of this year, and whenever my daughter sees the ad, she would always lean on the wall or the cabinet, and as if gesturing me to take her video, she would finish the phrase by saying “I want to be a Happy Helper.”


Now you ask, where did she get that? Why does she want to be a happy helper?

She watched it from tv. Happy Helpers is what Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Cuckoo Loca call their team. They are Happy Helpers because they are always available for any help for other characters. I’ve seen episodes with my daughter, and somehow, I believe that they are being good influences on her.

There was one episode where they helped make an 8-tiered birthday cake multiple times because something always happens with the cake before it was to be delivered. And the length of time they were given to make that cake was only equivalent to that period for a magician performing his first act until his last.

Now that seemed impossible, right? Of course for an animated series directed at kids, this isn’t really showing them “real life”.

Well, what I saw from that episode was the desire to help despite impossibilities, and really getting out of your way, and doing exceptionally without being asked. It’s helping without considering the difficulties they might encounter. It’s purely out of happiness that they want to help.

There are more examples where they have helped this way, with pure desire and sincerity to lighten the load of those who needed help. Like caring for a chicken’s egg before it’s about to hatch because the momma just had to get some “self care,” going to the salon, getting a massage, getting groceries. Of course that resonated to me in a way I think only moms can relate. Knowing that there are people who are willing to help just so you can also take care of yourself, oh, that is just wonderful!

And by the way, did I mention that they are also race car drivers, but their passion is related to fashion? Minnie’s into bows, Daisy’s into shoes, and Cuckoo Loca is related to a fashion designer! So most of the help that they are asked of aren’t their professions or expertise. But they are very much willing to help, even if it meant not getting it right the first few times.

So, I guess, that is how my daughter viewed it. She wants to be a Happy Helper not only because she wants to help other people but that she wants to bring the happiness out of people. Like, being happy is already innate! But because we are preoccupied with other things, we haven’t tapped that part of us who was all about finding true happiness.

My husband shared this picture with me and on his Facebook profile, and the author had a really interesting explanation about allowing our kids to dream, not based on height (perhaps in terms of success or achievements), but based on depth (like who can be helped, or how much difference it makes, or what problems can be solved, etc.)

Perhaps in relation to the picture above, we have not “criticized” (for lack of a better term) her for wanting to be a Happy Helper. We did not ask her to change that to dream of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or any other profession that came with initials or abbreviations before or after their names, and may come with accolades and recognition. We unknowingly wanted her to dream deep, and being a Happy Helper meant digging deeper to giving the kind of help that one not only need or desire to get. But the kind of help that lets one discover true happiness from within.


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