I have already shared before that my daughter loves to say “I love you” at random moments. And eventually I took these random spits of affection as God’s little reminders of His love for me everyday.
I would almost always say, “I love you, too” after she would say that to me. At least I used to. I now say, “I love you!” Yes, without the “too.”
I’m not sure if it’s because of the form of the words. But somehow, I realized that I don’t want to be always reactive. Like, I don’t want to tell her that I love her, too. When I always do.
Hmm.. Similar dun sa naging topic sa Feast last Sunday. Na our prayers should be used to nurture our relationship with God, and not just reactive.
By reactive, meaning we say “Thank You” because He gave us blessings, “Help me” because we are asking something from the Lord, “I’m sorry” because we sinned against Him.
And I guess same lang pag dating sa “I love you.” God loves us unconditionally and all the time, diba? Hindi naman siya naga-“I love you, too” kapag nagsabi tayo ng “I love you” kasi constant na un. Permanent na yung love niya. Hindi mababago.
So, ganun din with our kids. We love them, and they need not really do anything for us to say “I love you” to them. We already love them. And if ever they do something and tell us “I love you,” as parents we should be just reactive. We just need to let them know na we love them already.
Did I make sense?
Kasi, I was thinking, if we say “I love you, too,” baka isipin nila “ay, kaya lang niya sinabi yun, kasi nagsabi ako. Eh pano if hindi ako nagsabi? Hindi na niya ako love?”
Yun, parang ganun. That is why I no longer say “I love you, too”

What do you think?