Childlike Wonder

Yesterday, I went to school with my daughter. Usually, I leave her at my parents’ house, in the clothes she slept in, and my mom would give her a bath. But yesterday, she went with me. I guess I also conditioned her that she’ll be coming with me, so when the day came, she was all for it.

It was the first quarter exams. I had my exams printed and copied at the office. She isn’t really Ms. Congeniality when it comes to new and strange faces, and I’m not exactly sure how long before someone warms up to her. So when someone says “Hello,” she’s quick to respond, “Bye bye!” Oh it was hilarious!

During the exams, my daughter brought with her the toys we bought the day before: My Little Pony characters  Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash. I’m not sure if she was disturbing my students: being her mom, I can only her adorable, hihi! Sometimes. The students would react, and I jokingly tell them that I did bring my daughter to school, because in real life, when you’re working, you’ll have lots of distractions, some cute, some nasty, but you still keep going.


When the break came, one of my students was able to get her good side. She knew the ponies she brought, and drew them on the white board. My daughter would put the drawing and her toy side by side, and I can tell she really appreciated the drawing.

This was posted as a story in my Facebook personal account.

After the exams, I had to discuss with them some of the answers. The toddler was already getting markers and was doodling on the white board already, because she saw me do it earlier, when I wrote down a formula that the students would need. I was to discuss the difference between Cash Basis and Accrual Basis in accounting. She was holding a marker, looked like she was ready to write. When I said, “Cash Basis,” she said the exact same thing, much to my students’ delight. A few moments later, she said that she wants to be a teacher.

I don’t what she saw or felt in that classroom that made her say that. I guess she saw that I was writing on the whiteboard, and without understanding that I was only proctoring the exam and not giving a lesson, perhaps she thought that teachers don’t do a lot of things. Which is so not the case!

So after that long introduction, let me get right to it. Hihihihi!!

Yesterday, the gospel was about Jesus telling His apostles on the greatness of a child in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me.
Mat 18:4-5 ¦ ESV

This was a familiar scene, I mean, whenever I read this verse, I always have the image in mind, that of Jesus and a child standing in the middle of a crowd. The child looking so naive but bold in just mimicking whatever Jesus did.

I remember in my childhood, when we do role-playing, and we mimic whatever it is that we saw on tv, without passing judgment whether one is violent or not, we just copy. Not thinking about the risks, but just doing it boldly and courageously.

Same as how my daughter mimicked what I did in the classroom, I super bet that the kids during Jesus’ time were mimicking Him too! Hearing stories about multiplying loaves and fish to feed thousands, calming ravaging seas, walking on water, healing the sick, even bringing people back to life, they probably did their own role playing, too! Because they saw Jesus do it, they did it too. 😊

I guess that was the premise of WWJD or “What would Jesus do?” and do we also do it with child-like wonder. Do we do what Jesus did when faced with challenges requiring miracles?

So this was a long post, triggered by a daughter’s trip to momma’s classroom, and unknowingly moved by the gospel (and only just realizing it.)


What do you think?