Blessed Breaks

One time, while taking a shower, I had this sort of weird revelation. My friends and I were doing this Online Light Group Discussion called Blessed Before Brunch, and I was thinking of ways that God’s message can enter into anyone’s consciousness at any time, especially while they are listlessly scrolling their phones.

And this came to me while rinsing my hair.

“Blessed Breaks”


It’s something that I can perhaps do once in a while, just so people can be helped in finding blessings within the busyness, within this pandemic, and in everything that we are going through right now.

It came to me at a time that I somehow felt a little drained about all the information that I have been getting while doing research about Time Management and Productivity Techniques (will probably share those one time.) and how it showed that taking breaks are very important.

And if you’re taking a break, why not make it a blessed one, right?

Why not make it a time to suddenly converse with God, even if you haven’t take to Him in a while. Why not make it a break to re-focus yourself on what is more important in your life: your health, your sanity, your work, your family? Why not make it a moment to just be one in God’s presence, clear your mind, renew your strength, and then get back stronger?

So this is what these are going to be for. I hope that with Blessed Breaks, you’ll feel more blessed, relaxed, energized, and renewed, all with God’s love. 🙂

– God-guided Gal.


What do you think?