Best And All

As a mom, there are times when I feel like I’m doing so much in taking care of my child, but I would feel like I’m always ending up short of my own expectations of motherhood. I would sometimes get tired without actually doing a lot of things, but mostly because I’m tired of thinking what else to do, and then disappointing myself as I look at what I have failed to do.

And then, after one time just sitting down and giving myself a break, I realized that as long as I always give my best, and give my all, it would be enough for my kid. Besides, it’s not always what I do, or how much I have done. It’s usually about what and how my kid remembers it.

So what if I took so much time preparing meals, and then end up having food that isn’t as tasty as I imagined? As long as my daughter tells me that it’s yummy and that she’s enjoying family meal time, I guess that is all that should matter.


So what if I often felt tired and depressed, and angry because I feel like I’m not enough? I just have to count the times that my kid comes to me for random kisses and hugs, and “I love you’s.” I think that’s enough validation that I’ve given my best and all, and I’m appreciated. 🙂

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