Back To Regular Programming

I would often hear this statement after program interruptions on TV or Radio. It would usually come after an emergency report, breaking news, or any development on what’s currently happening and would spark up public interest. But apart from going back to what you were watching or listening to, what does going “back to regular programming” mean in our lives?

Regular programming is how you are. How you live your life. The things you usually do. Breathe, eat, drink, sleep. You work, play, enjoy. Your regular programming involves your usual activities, some you like, some you don’t. It can be your genetic makeup, your reaction to certain situations. Your family or educational background may influence your “regular programming”, but does not define what your “show” is about.

So what are these emergency reports, breaking or flash news that interrupt your programming? Usually, these are bad news, if not popular news. Accidents, calamities, or sometimes, improvements/developments of an on-going case that is interesting to the public. In our life, these interruptions sometimes come in the form of problems that need solutions, of challenges that need overcoming, or new discoveries about things you’re already used to.


Ultimately, these interruptions affect us. How we live, how we act, how we decide. An accidental death of a loved one would cause grief. Losing a big case would render one feeling helpless. Calamities would disturb us, and if we’re directly hit, we might not even know what to do.

Of course, not all interruptions are bad. Some are actually good. Passing a board exam. A friend taking on a big project. You getting engaged. A sibling having a baby. Your Parents’ Golden wedding anniversary.

These interruptions, whether big, small, insignificant, life-changing, positive or negative, they all affect us. Sometimes, it is even difficult to go back to how things were. To ignore any impact. But there’s one regular programming that remains the same and unchanged: GOD’S Presence in our lives

After that seemingly lengthy introduction, it just summarizes everything. Having God in our lives, whether we remember or choose to forget. God’s love keeps us going. Whether we continue from where we left off, or start all over again, we all take that first step or leap of faith in our life’s journey, banking on God’s love. We believe that after any life-altering, ego-boosting, or heart-breaking experience, God’s love is constant.

Next time you hear regular programming, think of it as your going back to your Creator. To your Deliverer and Restorer. To the One who knows everything. To the One who accepts your past, guides your present, and designs your future. With all said and done, just go back to God.


What do you think?