Are You Okay? I Love You

“Are you okay? I love you!”

Those were the words my daughter told me after brushing her teeth. She saw me and perhaps noticed that I was a little downcast, because I’ve been worrying about a lot of things, needlessly. So, I may not be okay.

Last week, she spilled some Yakult on my laptop, affecting the keyboard and the trackpad. I was still able to use it for about 2 days, like I can use a mouse and still type with thw keyboard. But after that, it has been unresponsive.


And I have been a bit unproductive, which kinda set me off, being someone who wants to accomplish a lot in a day. I was still able to use my husband’s laptop (because I am still able to access files using my icloud and google drives), but it just feels different.

Then, there’s the charges for my laptop repair, amounting to almost $200, which I currently don’t have a budget for.

And add to that, my online courses, where I couldn’t accomplish my portfolios because I kept thinking about my laptop, and how it took me so much time to navigate my husband’s laptop.

I can still go on, but it’ll be tiring because I still have so much on my brain!!!!

I got to crying a bit, and finally just airing it out to God… Then my daughter said it:

“Are you okay mommy? I love you!”

And it was somehow God speaking through her… Like He reminds me that even if I’m thinking about so many things and I might not be okay, He still loves me…

And that was all what He wanted to say, and He wanted me to hear it from a little girl…

And I, of course, believe it.


What do you think?