Anointed Tribulator

The first time I encountered the term anointed tribulator was during one of our LG (light group) sessions. We did not have a specific definition for it, and during our LG, we somehow defined it based on the examples we were able to give:

  • That boss who is usually unreasonable, giving you tasks that are outside the scope of your responsibilities and current capabilities; that manager who questions your need to take a leave to attend to your family’s needs, thinking you’re just looking for a way to get a vacation. Reason ng LBM mo (Looking for Better Management.)
  • That colleague that appears cooperative and hardworking when the big bosses are around, but become completely apathetic when the bosses are out and everyone is busy; or that one that’s too competitive, enough to say bad things about you behind your back, but appear so innocent when you’re around; or that one who appears to be your friend but stabs you at the back, and takes credit for all your hard work (may konting hugot ako, bakit? hahaha!)
  • That neighbor who does not regard the “laws” involving public peace and order, right of way, and property bounds; yung extension ng basurahan nila yung garden or bakuran mo; may videoke party every Sunday night at rinig hanggang kabilang ibayo.

Basically, anyone who gets to your nerves. Makes you flare up. And would make people, and even yourself, question your Christianity or your faith.

But remember… They are Anointed. Yes, they bring you tribulations. They are your beastly burdens. But they are anointed.


Ha? May anointing ni God yung mga pinag-gagagawa nila sayo?

Remember Genesis 50:20?

NIV: You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

The brothers of Joseph were his anointed tribulators. Judas Iscariot was Jesus’ anointed tribulator.

Yung ex na nanakit. Yung classmate mong bully. Yung teacher na nangbagsak. Yung driver na nag-cut sayo sa trapik. Yung traffic enforcer na nanghuli sayo dahil sa simpleng swerving.

They are all anointed tribulators. No matter how brief your encounter is with them, or significant the time you spent with them. If they were instrumental to your hurt, your pain, your brokenness. They are all anointed.

Sinu-sino yang mga yan for you? God intended them for your good kahit papaano. Galing no?

May anointed tribulator ka ngayon? Again, God intended them for your good. Pero pano kamo if hindi mo pa nakikita yung good na gagawin ni Lord sayo? Abangan… ☺️☺️☺️


What do you think?