A few hours earlier, I went online and reflected on a worship song. It was the second time I made a video and on the first one, I didn’t have a title yet. So for this video, I already entitled the “show” Amazing Praise.

I reflected on the song “Extravagant” by Bethel Music. And while I mentioned that this was a song that was to worship God, I realized that the Bridge was like a response from Him. The bridge goes:

Here is all my love
It’s Yours, no conditions
When You pull me close
No I won’t resist


I realized that this could be God telling us that He is giving us His unconditional love, and that He would not resist our love for Him. Now, why would God need to say that? I believe it’s just His confirmation that in Him, there isn’t rejection, there isn’t resistance. That He wouldn’t neglect or ignore our expressions of love. Even if our expression is merely a sigh, a slight of hand. Something that lasted a moment.

So there.. Just to supplement the reflection I already gave in the video.

[perhaps, will edit this if I get to reflect on the song again. Like, if God suddenly opens up a new message. ☺]

– God-guided Gal


What do you think?