Acknowledge Your Pain
I am in pain, and I am acknowledging it.
Please, I don’t need your judgment for my vulnerability now. If you won’t seek to understand, please don’t read further.
I’m not so sure of the root cause. Perhaps regret, neglect, betrayal, disappointment. I sure am angry, and I am not enthusiastic about it.
I am in pain, but I acknowledge it because I need to take steps to suppress it, and no longer spread it, and infect other people with it.
And I believe that God uses our pain to redirect us. To reignite something in us. And to open our hearts to forgive those who have done us wrong, without their apology. And most especially, to isolate ourselves from others and just spend some alone time with the Lord.
I am yet again taking a social media/digital detox for an indefinite time in a bit. I have some scheduled posts already, so perhaps no one would actually notice that I’m gone.

What do you think?