Hello, I am Bevz. 🙂

I am first and foremost, a child and a servant of God. I am a singer and worship leader in a weekly Catholic Prayer Meeting called The Feast, happening every Sunday at the Bellevue Hotel.

I am a full-time, stay-at-home mom to Sofia Beatrice. I am still breastfeeding occasionally, even if Sofie is already 3 years old (and I plan to do so for as long as she wants).


I am a loving wife to JC. Often referred to as a very patient wife to him, but I would say that he’s equally patient with me. I am the financial manager, the home-maker, the care-giver, and the peace-and-quiet enabler. 🙂

I am a freelancer and a part-time instructor. I do multiple jobs online. I am a budding mom-preneur. I may post here some environment-friendly products and tidbits, as I try, in my own way, to live a minimalist and zero-waste life.

I am an advocate of Financial Freedom, Financial Literacy, Women Empowerment, and Local/Domestic Entrepreneurship. I strongly believe that Filipino Women are bound for success in Businesses that help fellow Filipinos.

As mentioned somewhere in this blog, it was not an accident that God brought you to my blog site. Feel free to message me, should you want to collaborate, or if you have any comments and suggestions on how else I can improve this blog for current and future readers.