All Good Things

My daughter almost always repeats this line from the movie Frozen: “All good things, all good things.” Spoken by Olaf, the magical snowman that Elsa created when she froze Arendelle. (I think only those who watched this movie can relate. Hehehe!) She says this randomly. One time I was driving...Read more

One Year On Our Own

We have been living in our own house by ourselves for a year now. We used to stay with my parents until our daughter was more than two years old, because we were waiting for our house to finish. And now, looking back, it was truly a year that we...Read more
Bruised, Betrayed But Better

Bruised, Betrayed But Better

Before I got married, I was working for the best Quick Service Restaurant Companies in the world (yep! Still saying that with a little bias). In this company, I met a lot of great people and I got to work with them. It was in this company that I was...Read more