Jamming During Traffic Jams

Jamming During Traffic Jams

I met up with a friend this afternoon, at a mall that was roughly 15 kilometers away from our house. And because of the current construction of the Skyway, traffic jams at the expressway was a norm. Before entering the expressway, my daughter fell asleep on her car seat. I...Read more

When Enough is Enough

It was the third time that my daughter got to participate in Trick or Treat. First time was in my husband’s office, where she got to go around 2 floors seeking treats. Second time was last Saturday, and it was an event in her playschool. She got to fill a...Read more

Of Purple Things and Hello Kitty

If those who know us realize how much we are alike, some would think we’re probably fruits from the same tree. 🙂 We’re both ambiverts: pretty much introverted when around people we don’t know, and extroverted when around people we’re very much familiar with. We’re both a bit sensitive when...Read more