I Just Want To Share

I Just Want To Share

I really just want to share: thoughts, feelings, reflections, realizations, or about anything! Without being conscious about who and how many get to read it. I am not a public person. Yeah, you see my picture with my toddler on the about page, but apart from that, I am not...Read more

Stressed? You’re Just Being Stretched

[Disclaimer: draft of this post was composed late Saturday night, following the Friday described. Sunday came, and we truly felt God working so powerfully in all of us then. 😊) I think one of the most stressful situations that the worship team has ever encountered was that of not having...Read more

No Retreat, No Surrender

(Disclaimer: This entry was written around seven years ago, and was posted in an old blog. Still the message is relatable.) I was thinking of a better title for my blog, but the one above was the best I can think of. If you think of wars or being in...Read more