First Day of Failing

We all have our New Year’s Resolutions right? So, for me, as the title already gave away, I failed on my first day. Or should I say, I found another way in trying and it didn’t work. I said that 2021 should be a better year for me, in terms...Read more

A Lesson From Bread

A Lesson From Bread

Yes, this time, I felt the Lord speak to me through stale, old bread. Okay, so here’s what I usually do. I buy a big loaf of bread. When I do that, I check the “expiry” date, and make sure that it would last us about a week. 3 lang...Read more

Revolutionize The Way You Pray

Here we discuss the meaning of the prayer “OUR FATHER.” It’s one thing that we memorize this familiar prayer, but it’s another to understand it. So, just as the apostles asked Jesus how to pray, let’s ask Him to help us how to understand this prayer more. First, we talked...Read more